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Cat Constipation: Home Remedy, Treatment and Prevention – Cat Health Vet Advice

Cat constipation is quite a common problem, especially in older cats. The causes of constipation in cats are many, and understanding why your cat is constipated will help you not just give them the best treatment, but also prevent it from happening again. In this video, I run through the best home remedy solutions and natural treatments of cat constipation. I also discuss the changes you can make at home to prevent your cat from suffering from this problem in the future.

Causes of constipation include:
– Dehydration – kidney dz, diabetes….
– Megacolon – colon stops being able to contract
– Previous Pelvic fracture, tumor – something causing narrow pelvic canal, colon or anus
– arthritis/anal gland disease/other painful condition causing a reduced desire to defaecate + so builds up + dries out
– Something abnormal in stool – bone, hair…
– Stress – not enough litter boxes, nowhere to toilet….

Treatment can involve:
– Lactulose is a laxative
– Adding fibre can help with colon health + improve contractions (Conversely, some cats respond better to a low fibre diet)
– Hydration is key! find out more here –
– Make sure enough litter trays and cat can easily access them
– Exercise can help mobilize stool and treat/prevent constipation
– Be sure to treat any other conditions

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