Tiny Kittens in the Big World

Irresistible how-to illustrates what you can do to help the tiniest felines: orphan kittens

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Photos © 2019 by Kitten Lady, LLC ©2019 by Andrew Marttila, and ©Tiara Iandiorio.

Did you know that being groomed with a toothbrush reminds orphan kittens of their mothers’ tongues and helps them feel safe?

It’s almost more cuteness than we can handle: Kitten rescuer and New York Times bestselling author Hannah Shaw’s adorable and inspiring new book, Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens, follows foster kittens just a few days old, palm-sized and their eyes still closed, on their journey to adoption. Orphan-kitten care facts accompany heart-melting photos and playful doodles. Hannah, also known as Kitten Lady, shows how to help these tiny, vulnerable kittens grow up, find homes, and become happy adult cats.

“The best part of fostering orphan kittens is witnessing the profound transformation that occurs when you provide them with love and care!” Hannah enthuses. “There’s nothing better than the celebration of a kitten’s adoption day, and the feeling that you’ve made a lifelong impact for that cat.”

“My mission is self-replication!” says Hannah, whose books, videos, and workshops have reached millions. Though she’s personally raised hundreds of kittens in the past 10 years, she says, “I hope I’ve saved many, many more kittens than I’ve raised.”

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