A Cat Anticipated to Join the Bidens in the White House!

After more than a decade’s absence, a cat is hopefully returning to the Oval Office

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Photo courtesy of the Biden Campaign

It looks like Major and Champ, German Shepherds of the President-Elect Joe Biden, will have some feline company in the White House!

While running for president, Joseph R. Biden Jr. said it was time for a pet to be put back in the White House and he seems intent on following through—The New York Times reports that Biden is said to be bringing a cat to the White House after a feline absence of more than a decade. The last presidential cat—named India—belonged to George W. Bush.

This will certainly add an air of elegance to the Oval Office—but as cat owners know, when there’s a cat around, we’re not really in charge!

Lincoln is hailed as the first president to live among cats—two felines named Dixie and Tabby—back in 1860. This feline duo was succeeded by a series of other presidential cats belonging to Roosevelt, Coolidge, Ford, Carter, Clinton, and Bush. The most famous presidential cat was Clinton’s, an adopted stray named Socks. Socks was the subject of children’s books and the face of the children’s website for the White House. 

Much like the presence of dogs in the White House, cats (and pets of all kinds) serve to make presidents more relatable and down-to-earth. Having both makes for a well-rounded home, and a happy wife—Dr. Jill Biden told Angie Goff with Fox 5 that she’d “love to get a cat” after inauguration. 

No news on the arrival date, breed or name of the Biden’s future cat, but we’ll take your guesses!

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