Meet This Rare Calico Male Cat

Have you ever seen a male calico cat? Probably not, because only about one in every 3,000 calico cats is born male, meaning there’s less than a 0.1% chance of a calico cat being a boy. Well, get ready for a crazy calico coincidence!

I recently received an email from Shelter to Home Rescue in Wyandotte, Michigan, telling me about a male calico kitten who came in to the rescue. Not a week later, I received an email from Our Farm Sanctuary in Tipp City, Ohio, telling me about their male calico! Let’s meet the boys:

Stevie: When staff at Shelter to Home Rescue took in a litter of three kittens, they just assumed the calico was female. Nope! “We got the word when Stevie and his brothers went to the vet for a wellness exam,” says Shelley Bawol, president of Shelter to Home.

Rare calico boy: Stevie. ©Getty Images

Shelley says it’s a real treat to see. “We feel fortunate enough to have one come into our rescue,” she says.

Stevie was the smallest of the litter but had the biggest personality. He was adopted (by a veterinarian, no less) and is now living the good life in Illinois.

Learn more about Shelter to Home Rescue at, and follow it on Facebook and Instagram @sheltertohome.

Prince Riesen: This little guy and his brother, York, were born in a foster home after their mom, Rolo, came to the sanctuary as a pregnant stray. “Riesen is a sweet, loving boy who’s a tad spoiled by his foster family,” says sanctuary volunteer Chelsea Robinson. “He loves following people around and demanding they submit to his royal pleasure of being constantly petted and adored.”

Chelsea and the other volunteers believe that Riesen knows he’s something special — and they all think so, too!

Currently, Riesen is waiting for his forever home. That shouldn’t take too long, though, as he has many adoption applications across seven states.

Learn more about Our Farm Sanctuary at, and follow it on Facebook and Instagram @ourfarmsanctuary.

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