Cat Body Language 101

It’s always a good time to either learn or brush on cat basics. In this edition of Cat Mojo, we delve into body positions. Knowing, in the most general way, what your cat is trying to say to you, to other family members, other cats, dogs, kids, etc you will increase the bond between you – and conversely, not fall into a destructive relational tailspin if you interpret something wrong. Let’s all say it together, CATS ARE NOT DOGS! Didn’t that feel better?

00:00 Welcome
00:41 The Tail
02:46 The Ears
04:10 Laying on back
05:20 Tail Positions 101
08:20 Pinning the Ears
08:45 Eyes & Ears
10:51 Why cats knead you

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“Light, Love & Mojo”

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