Celebrate Autumn — Feline Style

Cats, ever the resourceful explorers, have a knack for finding new and interesting aspects of each holiday or season and, when the calendar rolls to Thanksgiving, they’re all in. Cats are eternally grateful for these six fall-centric feline activities.

  1. Watching leaves fall

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy Thanksgiving’s bounty. Many cats rejoice in the all-you-can-eat buffet of fallen turkey pieces from the kitchen counter or dining room table. Smart cats park themselves underneath children’s chairs, thankful for their lack of small motor skills. And if there’s a crowd gathering for the holiday, there are way more chances to snag a nibble of a roll or a moment with some mashed potatoes. Plus, humans are easily distracted by group conversations and football games, which means bowls and plates go unattended. Score!

(Some human foods can be dangerous for cats — so keep an eye on your little feline thief during the meal festivities.)

©Liudmila Cheklova | Getty Images
  1. Looking for dropped Thanksgiving food

Kitties are naturally fascinated with objects in flight. They chase airborne feathers attached to wands and lose their minds when a fly buzzes the air space just above their reach. Lucky is the cat who gets a front row seat to watch colorful leaves gracefully drift from tree branches to the crisp autumn ground. Indoor and outdoor cats alike eat up Mother Nature’s eye candy as their undivided attention follows the sometimes unpredictable motion of the falling leaves. It’s meditative, but never underestimate the pure excitement of it all.

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  1. Snuggling underneath a warm blanket

Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket? Both cats and humans wrap themselves in woven warmth when cool weather arrives. Some cats (and perhaps humans — no judgment) partake in blanket burrowing, leaving only a lump to see with the naked eye. Autumn or “blanket season” gets really interesting because throws, quilts and comforters come out of hibernation and make multiple layers of coziness more accessible. And when a human slides her legs underneath a throw where a cat’s been sleeping, it’s an instant electric blanket! This is especially pleasing after gobbling a plate of turkey with all the trimmings. On behalf of cats everywhere, “You’re welcome.”

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  1. Cuddling up to cozier clothing

Warm clothing is definitely more conducive than summer’s shorts for cuddling cats or other people. Really, what human wants to snuggle anything besides the contents of a freezer when she’s dripping in sweat? And we’d venture to guess most any cat would rather cozy up to a soft fleece hoodie than a poly-blend tank top. So yes, humans become snuggle magnets when the ol’ wardrobe goes from cool to cozy. Everybody wins!

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  1. Squirrel watching

Fall is a time when many animals prepare for the long winter ahead. Squirrels do this by collecting nuts and burying them for later meals. Our kitties sit in the window and go wild watching squirrels and other outdoor critters year-round on “Cat TV,” but it’s sweeps week when the zippy little bushy-tailed squirrels are working against the clock to find and bury their booty. This is way better entertainment than watching the same old Garfield float in the Thanksgiving Day parade.

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  1. Waiting for the tree

For cats who live in a home that celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving is just one step closer to bringing a tree into the home. This holiday phenomenon comes with dangling “cat toys” from the branches, sleeping spots underneath and mysterious wrapped boxes to examine (and later play with after the holiday). Oh, if the humans decorate with a living tree, things get real. The sights and smells of fir only heighten the holiday feline excitement.

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