11 Strange Cat Behaviors Finally Explained

Everybody knows that cats are utterly adorable. But how to understand your cat better? Dogs wag their tails, run up to you for a hug, and bark boisterously. Cats are more restrained and express their feelings differently. More often than not, their owners can only guess what their furry companions are feeling. Do you know, for example, why your cat always sits on your clothes? Or why cats are always getting into small spaces? We at Bright Side decided it was time to decode all those hidden signals cats give out.

Nail-biting 0:40
Pawing at water 1:26
Getting into small spaces 2:05
Putting its paws in your face 2:56
Hissing 3:47
Ignoring you 4:33
Chewing plants 4:59
Lying in the litter box 5:42
Begging for food and then ignoring it 6:19
Following you to the bathroom 7:15
Sitting on your clothes 8:03

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– If your cat always bites its nails when grooming itself, you probably have nothing to worry about, since this is basically the feline version of a manicure!
– To their kitty logic, if the water in the bowl moves, then it’s probably alright. That’s why cats are so captivated by tap and toilet water.
– Most cats prefer to sleep in small cozy spaces where it’s difficult to get to them. Things like boxes or sinks make them feel safe and secure.
– If your cat touches your face slightly, it’s simply showing love. Tapping their paws on your face means “Hey I did something, you better clean it up” or “Get up and feed me, please!”
– Even the sweetest little kitten in the world can hiss from time to time, and it’s a clear sign that they’re either frightened or ticked off.
– If your cat ignores you, just let it be. Your pet will definitely appreciate the respect and will love you even more!
– Chewing on plants could be caused by several things. First of all, a lot of cats do it when their tummy is upset or they just wanna eat something with a different texture. Other cats are simply curious or trying to get your attention.
– If your cat has suddenly started hanging out in its litter, it can be a sign of sickness. When accompanied with other red flags like loss of appetite, then this behavior definitely warrants a call to the vet.
– A lot of the time, begging becomes such a routine for cats that they start doing it even when they’re not hungry. Another possible reason is your kitty’s desire for attention and love.
– When you leave the room, they feel vulnerable to predators, so they decide to follow you. And believe it or not, a lot of the time the bathroom is the place where they feel the safest!
– If your cat always sits on your clothes whenever you leave them, you should be kinda flattered because this is how they mark you as a member of their pack!

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