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How To Raise A Kitten – 7 Tips For Kitten Care

No 1. What to prepare

If your cat is under 1 month of age, you will need cat’s milk (or kitten formula) and bottles (or syringes), defecation pads, a cushion or blanket, a scale, and a cat carrier. And when your kitty grows, you will need kitten food, snacks, a cat litter and toys such as cat trees and cat posts.

No 2. Health check-up

Check the cat’s health through a basic check-up and look for parasites or skin diseases, and any other disease. If he has skin diseases like parasites or ringworms, you must quarantine him and get him vaccinated with proper instructions.

No 3. A moderate meal

A kitten under 1 month of age drinks formula, and the feeding method on the package must be followed. Provide him enough nutrition with dedicated cat food.

No 4. Comfortable bed for enough sleep

Baby cats sleep an average of 20 hours per day. The room temperature should be around 25 degrees Celsius(77 Fahrenheit). Also, provide a soft blanket or cushion for a comfy bed.

No 5. Spend as much time as possible with your kitty

For the first week, try to avoid too much attention. At 2 to 7 weeks of age, when starting to socialize, spending more time with people.

No 6. Enough playtime

To make your baby cat fall asleep, allow him 1 to 3 hours of active hunting play, and then feed a little food or snacks.

No 7. Toys for biting

Because of teething, your kitten can bite and chew anything. Be sure to provide him hewable toys not your hands and feet when playing.


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