Why Cats Sometimes Bite You & Other Strange Behaviors Explained

The answers to why cats sometimes bite you & other strange behaviors explained! These are the hidden motivations behind all the odd antics of your feline friend.

What causes your pet feline to bring you rats and birds? Why does your tabby like to drink directly from the faucet? Find out as we look at Why Cats Sometimes Bite You & Other Strange Behaviors Explained.

#11 Bouts of Energy
If you’ve ever seen your cat suddenly start darting around a room, bouncing from wall to wall, you’ve probably wondered where all that energy came from. This is nothing to worry about as cats tend to be naturally playful and energetic. But dealing with this energy properly is something you can help with. Regularly playing games with your feline friends will keep your cats from going wild around the home. Also be sure to secure the areas where your cats like to play to make sure they don’t knock down anything too dangerous.
#10 Chattering
Cats will sometimes make an odd noise with their teeth, with a sound imitating that of a baby goat. This is commonly referred to as chattering. Often times, cats will engage in this behavior when within the vicinity of birds. It’s thought by some that this noise is closely associated with their instinctual yearning to hunt…and the frustration of not being able to do so! Other behavior specialists think this audible reaction to potential prey isn’t a release of pent-up agitation, but rather a physical preparation for their jaws. This train of thought hypothesizes that the vocal exercise warms up the jaw muscles in anticipation of a potential coup de grace. Regardless of the reason, this is a perfectly normal and acceptable way for your cat to express their excitement. Certain toys can mimic the fluttering of a bird, and using them to play with your pet will help them answer those natural urges in a much safer, and less messy, environment.

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