Cat Behavior Finally Explained

Ever wondered why cats do what they do? Watch this to find out the explanation finally revealed.
#GoldenKittyAward winner of #catvidfest 2015!! Thank you to everyone who voted and helped us achieve our goal!

The CATastrophes Web Series is a hilarious, cat-centric weekly comedy show featuring cat tips, recreations of viewer-submitted cat stories and scripted content of cats appearing in unexpected situations! – LOOKING FOR NEW VIDEOS from this team? Come to our new channel at @CatInTheFridgeFilms !

Many of our episodes bring attention to a topic in animal welfare or spotlight a rescue that’s saving lives. In fact, many of the cat actors and extras are available for adoption from local Chicago rescues!
Starring Alana Grelyak and Kris Flanagan. Directed by Michael Gabriele.
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