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NEWBORN ORPHAN KITTEN CARE // Syringe Feeding, How to Make Sure they are Healthy, and More

Taking care of orphan kittens is no joke- it’s hard work! But hopefully this video can help you feel a little more confident in how to syringe feed kittens and take care of them. Neonatal kittens are so fragile, especially if they don’t have a mom. So remember to do your research before getting neonatal kittens for the first time if possible!

Hi everyone! My name is Corin, also known as the Kitten Choreographer, and I am a teen with a passion for animal rescue, and, in particular, kitten rescue. If you enjoyed this video make sure to like it and subscribe for more kitten-related content. Also, make sure to leave any thoughts or questions down in the comments section below.

Supplies Mentioned:
– Kitten/Puppy Colostrum*:
– Plastic Tub: https*: //
– Electric Pet Heating Pad*:
– Swaddling Blankets*:
– Blankets*:
– Karo Syrup*:
– Pedialyte*:
– Blender Bottle*:
– KMR*:
– Breeders Edge Kitten Milk Replacer*:
– 5 ml Syringes*:
– Miracle Nipple Minis*:

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