Catify Your Life—Fall/Winter 2021

Cat-tastic designs to thrill both you and your cat!

Give your cat a cozy hideaway with the Scatter Cardboard Cat Pyramid from Kitty Kardboard! The sturdy cardboard house is printed with biodegradable, water-based ink and can be easily assembled by simply folding and tucking. ($52,

Your cats clearly rule the roost. Why not get them their own little castle? Fit for feline royalty, the adorable, easy-to-assemble Castle Cat Scratcher House from Midlee Designs comes with a removable scratchpad and a hanging mouse toy for extra fun. ($35,

Cats love vertical space and the Metropolitan Cat Condo from My Three Cats is a stylish solution! Featuring five levels and a stepped design, you can mix and match the frame, platforms, cushions, and sisal pads to customize. ($340,

The highly rated SmartCat Tiger Diner engages your cat’s hunting instincts and slows down fast eaters. Made from durable ceramic, it’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. ($25,

Featuring floating sisal posts, a suspension bridge, lounges, escape hatches, planters, and a sisal pole, the architecturally beautiful Juggernaut Cat Condo from Catastrophic Creations is a cat’s dream. ($576,

Tip: Providing vertical space reduces territorial behaviours

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