Stuff We Love—Fall/Winter 2021

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter!

1 The AskVet Pet Lifestyle App instantly connects you with a licensed veterinarian when needed and provides insight into your cat’s health and wellness through personalized, guided care. BONUS: Modern Cat readers get a two-month free trial if they use code MODERNCAT at checkout.—Vicki ($30 a month after free trial ends,

2 Is your cat a messy eater? The hilariously adorable This is Not My Size! cat feeding mat from CatsDogsWords is made from durable neoprene rubber, is easy to clean, and features a textured back to avoid slipping.—Jennifer ($29,

3 Does your mischievous cat have a habit of attacking the toilet paper and making a mess? The Paws-Free TP Protection cover is available in a variety of adorable fabric patterns, helps protect your toilet paper from kitty destruction, and fits any wall dispenser.—Isabelle ($20,

4 There’s no greater keepsake than a personalized pet portrait! Karen Sperling of Karen Sperling Art hand-paints beautiful pastel portraits from photos of your pets. A wonderful gift idea for you or someone you love!—Cecilia (starting at $200,

5 A celebration of the connection between man and feline, Me and Groucho: Tiptoeing Together Through Hollywood’s Litter Box by M.A. Walker follows Mike and Groucho on their misadventures in Hollywood. You’ll fall for this lovable, unlikely duo in this funny and moving recollection of their stumbles and successes in La La Land.—Connie ($5 for the Kindle edition or $13 for paperback,

6 Do your cats love to carry around their favourite toys? They’ll love the soft and lightweight (and durable!) Crinkle Ball toy. It comes in a variety of sizes, makes a crinkle sound cats love, and is a fun way to teach your cat how to play fetch.—Hayley ($8,

7 For my trio of indoor cats, I make sure real meat is the first ingredient in their food. The Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food from Intrepid is made with fresh chicken, peas, and flaxseed, along with antioxidant-rich additions like dried cranberries.
—Yaunna ($6 per bag,

8 If—despite your efforts to promote healthy scratching behaviours—your cat has singled out the sofa, we have a solution. Clawguard Furniture Shields are made from clear, flexible marine-grade vinyl and can be used on couches, ottomans, loveseats, mattresses, and more. Easy to install and practically invisible!—Becky (from $15,

9 Upgrade your cat’s cardboard box with this beautiful multi-purpose furniture solution. The Pawristocrat Pet House Ottoman has a cozy cat bed hidden inside, and can be used as a footstool, tray table, or as an extra seat when guests stop by!—Jennifer (from $65,

10 Destiny and Fern are back in Destiny’s Children! This second book in the series follows Destiny and her kittens as she navigates feline motherhood, her human’s divorce, and menopaws. A heartwarming read for every self-professed cat person.—Linda ($16,

11 Never worry about unexpected vet bills again. Nationwide pet insurance plans allow you to see any vet at any time, and get your money back on eligible vet bills!—Connie (plans start at $35 a month,

12 If your cat is sensitive to chicken or turkey proteins, try UKIUKI freeze-dried raw cat food in the lamb formula. It’s made from human-grade meat with no added preservatives.—Simran ($20,

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