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How to Take Care of Kittens Day 1 to Week 8

How to Take Care of Kittens (Day 1 to Week 8)—May 2021 LiVESTREAM

SirNicolay Cattery Episode 69: How to Take Care of Kittens (Day 1 to Week 8). In this May 2021 LiVESTREAM, SirNicolay teaches some tips on how to take good care of very young kittens from newborns to 8 week old kitten. And since this is a livestream, he also features new kittens available on, and, of course, we have our contest with the theme HAPPY CATS.

00:00 Intro
00:52 How to Take Care of Kittens Intro
03:45 Feeding Kittens: Weight
05:02 Day 1 to Day 10 Kittens
15:35 Kittens at Week 2
18:24 Kittens at Week 3
20:00 Kittens at Week 4
21:41 Kittens at Week 5
22:52 Kittens at Week 6
24:37 Kittens at Week 8
27:19 Available Kittens at
34:35 May Contest: Happy Cats
52:01 Final Words

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