Is Training Your Cat to Walk On a Leash a Bad Idea?!?

As you might know by now, I’m a big fan of walking your cat on a harness and leash. Somehow, however, the topic of leash training your cat has become a bit controversial. What’s that all about? Is it suddenly a bad idea? I’ll give you my opinion- just watch and find out!

00:00 Welcome
00:33 Are cats on a leash a bad idea??
03:00 Cat leash training controversy
03:06 1. Does your cat want to go outside?
03:25 2. The equipment (Cat Harness)
03:38 3. Do it slowly
04:00 Mitigating the risk
05:56 Cat enrichment doesn’t come without risk
07:20 Summary
08:15 Never walk a cat with just a collar & a leash

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