Cat Care

HOW TO: Get along with & look after your Cat?

✿ Hi, guys! I’m Yasmine Alice and I’m a self-confessed “cat-lady”. I have looked after numerous cats and I’m the proud mum of a beautiful British Shorthair cat called Khaleesi.

✿ If you have just adopted a new kitty and you have absolutely no clue how to look after a cat;
✿ if you are having trouble with your cat because he/she is scratching you;
✿ if he/she is going toilette on your furniture etc, feel free to watch this video which may be helpful.

✿ I am not a vet, just knowledgeable in all things feline and I do a lot of research. When in doubt always check with your vet. Don’t be an accessory to animal abuse. Animals are our friends! ❤


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