Cat Life Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

In this video, we’ll look at 24 cat life hacks for cat owners to help give your pet better life and make things easier on you.

Prevent Hairballs in Cats
Simply add some fiber to your cat’s diet. Fiber improves the health of a cat’s coat and minimizes shedding. And remember to groom your cat regularly to remove excessive fur.
Help cats drink more water
Cats don’t drink a lot of water by nature, but they need hydration to prevent bladder and kidney problems. Instead of giving them a water bowl, get them a pet water fountain to encourage them drink more water.
Cats love catnip and most kitties get hyperactive in response to this plant. To cats, catnip serves as a sedative when consumed and a stimulator when smelled. Spray some catnip spray on your cat’s scratcher to increase your cat’s interest in her scratching post.
Here are foods that cats shouldn’t eat.
Keep your cat off surfaces
If you have a new countertop or table that you don’t want your cat to get their claws on, simply cover the surface in aluminum foil. Cats hate the rustling sound that aluminum foil makes when they walk on it.
You can also cover the surface with a double-sided tape. Cats absolutely hate the feel of stickiness and will be repelled almost immediately.
Protect Your Plants
Cats tend to like to dig, chew and knock over your plants. To protect your plants, you can place popsicle sticks, tooth sticks, pinecones, stones on top of the plant’s soil. And remember, cats have a strong distaste for anything citrus. You can simply spray the leaves of your plant with citrus scent.
Other homemade repellents that cats hate are vinegar, citronella, pepper, and garlic.
Get rid of allergies and odors
Having a cat in the house can mean more odors, allergens and dander in the air.
Keep an air filter or purifier in your home to remove the airborne dander, dust and allergens.
Insurance for pets
Make sure to get your pet insured before it is too late.
Favorite Game
Make your home even interesting for your cat by installing a series of shelves that act as steps up the wall.
Get rid of litter box odor
Add some green tea leaves into your cat’s litter box and it will help suppress bacteria growth and also absorb odors. You can also add a little bit of baking soda to the bottom of the litter pan to absorb odors.
Eliminate Urine Stains and Odors
Baking soda naturally neutralizes odors. If your cat has peed on your carpet, simply sprinkle some baking soda on the damp area or even an old urine stain, and then vacuum it up to remove the smell or stain completely. You can even apply some vinegar to the area to kill bacteria.
Food Puzzle
Cats love food puzzles. Make some holes in an empty water bottle, then fill the bottle with your cat’s favorite dry treat and give it to your cat to play.
Wrap your furniture legs with sisal
To protect your furniture from a frisky cat, tightly wrap some sisal rope around the legs of your kitchen or dining table.
Teach your cat
A common misconception about cats is that they cannot be trained.
Cats can indeed be taught certain behaviors with the promise of treats. For example, you can train your cat not to jump on your lovely leather couch.
Get rid of their hair on your furniture.
To remove cat hair from your carpet or sofa, simply put a pair of rubber gloves on and dampen them. Rub the gloves back and forth on your upholstery. This will cause the hair to ball up, and then you can remove the hair in one simple clump.
You can also place the sticky side of duct tape over the fabric. When you remove the duct tape, the hair will come up with it.
Leave your cat carrier out
Do you have trouble getting your cat into their carrier? Leave your carrier out and your pet will sniff it, lie inside it, and all around get used to it. This way, they won’t immediately associate it with getting a shot at the vet.
Litterbox Barrier
You can keep your dog from getting into the litter by elevating the box.
Bath Time
Use a sink instead of the bathtub to bathe your cat. The smaller space will make it easier to wash them.
Unrolling the toilet paper
Simply tuck in the loose paper in one end of the tube or spray your toilet and the area with a citrus scent to prevent your cat from unrolling the toilet paper.
Keep Ants Away
To deter ants from becoming interested in your cat’s food, simply use a chalk to draw a circle around your pet’s dish. Also, many essential oils like Eucalyptus, Thyme, Cinnamon or Peppermint are great, natural way to repel ants.
whisker stress
Eating too fast isn’t good for a cat’s digestive system. It can even cause a cat to throw up their food. To overcome this, put their food on a flat plate. This’ll help reduce your cat’s eating speed and prevent whisker stress which occurs when a cat’s whiskers rub against the sides of their food bowl.
Pheromone diffuser
Cats don’t like change. If you are moving homes or adopting a new cat, buy some pheromone diffuser to help your cat adjust to the new environment.

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