Kitten Born in Backyard Hid in a Corner, Decides He Needs Cuddles One Morning and a Place of His Own

A kitten who was born in a backyard, decided he needed cuddles one morning and a place of his own.

orange tabby kitten

Dave the kittenMarlene @five_furry_friends

An orange kitten was found in an abandoned car in a backyard of a house. A kind lady named Julie was caring for him until the weather was about to become too harsh for the tiny kitten to bear.

Julie took it upon herself and got the tabby to safety just in time. She brought him to Cheltenham Cat Rescue (in Melbourne, AU) so the little guy could have a chance at a better life.

They named him Dave in honor of Julie’s husband. He was very scared at first, trying to stay hidden the whole time.

shy kitten hiding

He was very shy when he was rescuedMarlene @five_furry_friends

Dave arrived in foster care and immediately retreated to a corner. He hid away and was too afraid to budge. Marlene, a foster volunteer of Cheltenham Cat Rescue, set up a comfortable nest for him and gave him plenty of space and time to decompress.

The smell of food eventually convinced the little feline to come out from hiding.

shy kitten meowing

Slowly but surely he warmed up to his peopleMarlene @five_furry_friends

He was so hungry that he chomped down on his dinner while he meowed aloud. Marlene gently petted him on the back of his head to assure him that she meant good.

It was then Dave realized that he was safe, and moved towards Marlene’s hand for more scritches. That following morning, he came out of his shell and couldn’t wait to be doted on.

petting kitten

He discovered head scritches and was obsessedMarlene @five_furry_friends

“Dave has a very loud meow and decided he needed cuddles at 4AM.”

The fear in his eyes faded away and he finally embraced life as an indoor cat. “It took him two days and he was out and about, being the man about town,” Marlene told Love Meow.

talking kitten

Dave has a big voiceMarlene @five_furry_friends

In no time, Dave turned into a professional lap cat and leaned over head first for intense ear scratches.

Watch Dave the kitten in this cute video:

Dave the kitten

He was on cloud nine every time he was cuddled, rumbling with his adorable purrs that permeated the air.

lap kitten

He quickly turned into a professional lap catMarlene @five_furry_friends

The orange tabby befriended several furry friends at his foster home. Maverick the cat, who was rescued from the street, took him under his wing and taught him proper feline etiquette.

Dave the kitten looked up to Maverick and followed in his paw-steps.

cat and kitten buddy

Maverick the cat took Dave under his wingMarlene @five_furry_friends

The once shy kitten blossomed into a confident, brave kitty with a penchant for adventure. Dave was living up to his larger-than-life ginger personality, running around the house like he owned it.

kitten in planter

Dave became very playful, brave and adventurousMarlene @five_furry_friends

Volunteers of Cheltenham Cat Rescue are currently working to find the cat mom (Dave was born to a street cat) and other kittens, so they too can be rescued, and spayed and neutered.

“Dave is an awesome kitten with a big personality, lots of energy, and an all around good guy,” Marlene shared with Love Meow.

sleepy orange kitten

Happy and lovedMarlene @five_furry_friends

Nothing makes him happier than being cuddled and smooched by his people.

After scampering around the house, Dave enjoys some one-on-one time with his human, soaking up the love.

cuddly kitten

Dave has blossomed into a cuddle-bugMarlene @five_furry_friends

A few days ago, a wonderful family came for the little bundle of energy and welcomed him into their loving home.

Dave now has two cat siblings and a dog buddy to keep him company.

fluffy orange tabby kitten

Marlene @five_furry_friends

The former backyard kitten continues to demand cuddles from his people, while living the dream life in a place of his very own.

sleepy kitten orange

Marlene @five_furry_friends

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