Cat Behaviour Explained – All You Need To Know!

CAT BEHAVIOUR Explained – All you need to know about your cats behavior. Have you ever asked why does my cat do that? Then this is definitely the video for you as we have weird cat behaviours explained. The felis domesticus does have strange behaviours like eating grass and other stuff. So stay tuned as we have some cat gestures explained. You might find out about cat meowing and cat scratching furniture among other interesting stuff. Stay tuned!

What is the most erratic behaviour your cat has displayed? Did you have the answers as to why and what triggered this behaviour? Sometimes even experienced pet owners and groomers could be surprised when cats exhibit these problematic behaviours. Each behaviour could be linked to what the pet is feeling. Let us discuss various quirky cat behaviours and what they could mean. Here is the cat behaviour explained. Stay with us till the end as we take you through.

00:00 Introduction
15. WINKING / cat winking
14. OFFERING THEIR TAIL / cats offering their tail
13. ROLLING / cat rolling around
12. EATING GRASS / cats eating grass
11. CLAWING AND SCRATCHING / cat clawing
10. HEAD BUMPING / cat bumping their head
9. CHEWING WEIRD ITEMS / cats chewing weird stuff
8. CHATTERING / cat chattering
7. TOUCHING NOSES / cats touching noses
6. EXCESSIVE MEOWING / cat excessive meowing
5. PURRING / cat purring explained
4. NIGHTTIME ENERGY / cat nighttime energy explained
3. SLEEPING IN TIGHT SPACES / cats sleeping in tight spaces
2. KNOCKING THINGS DOWN / cats knocking things down
1. IGNORING YOU/ cats ignoring you

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