15 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained

It’s a well-known fact that cats aren’t for everyone. They’re moody, hard to please and they like living on their own schedules. But at the same time, you will never find a pet as loving as a cat. Cats are easy to train, low-maintenance and some of the most affectionate companions as far as animals go. But, as adorable as these furry little creatures are, cat-owners often find their kitties doing some… pretty questionable things. Which really makes us all wonder: What goes on inside a cat’s brain? From purring to face rubbing and sleeping all day long, in this video, we’re taking you through 15 of the strangest cat behaviours to help you understand what they really mean.

15. Licking Themselves

If you own a cat, you know that they just love to lick themselves. Whenever cats get the time, they like licking themselves from head to toe – multiple times a day! And while it might look weird, the truth is that cats are more hygienic than most other animals. Licking themselves is their way of cleaning off any dirt from their fur. And the cleaner cats are, the more they can avoid any kinds of predators who might be attracted to their scent. So, when your cat stops grooming itself, that’s when you need to worry.

14. Cat Chatters

A lot of the time, owners catch their kitties chattering and chirping – especially if they’re outside. This usually happens when your cat sees a bird. And while most people think that this chattering is because the cat wants to hunt down the bird, the real reason why cats chatter is because they’re trying to imitate them! Why? Well, because for some reason, seeing birds excites cats and they want to do all they can to try and talk to them in their own language. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

13. Face Rubbing

One of the most annoying things about having a pet cat is all the times when it comes up to you and rubs its face against your entire body. But the truth is that cats don’t rub their face against just anyone. Face rubbing is an act of affection where a cat tries to mingle its scent with yours. Think of it as their way of telling you that they like you a lot – especially if you two are meeting for the first time.

12. Head-Butting

Think of this as a slightly more aggressive form of face rubbing that cats only reserve for the people that they are super close to. Sometimes, cats get a little too enthusiastic about spending time with their owners and in this case, they might just slam their face into yours – just to show how much they like being around you. Head-butting is also a sign for you to start giving out some pats and rubs to your kitty in return.

11. Chilling in Small Spaces

Sometimes, you might find your cat in the smallest, quietest corners of your home. Like inside a box, a small cupboard or even under the sink. This is because cats like tight spaces because that’s where they feel comfortable and protected. As loving as cats are, they like taking a break from all the humans around them in their own little space where they can shut everyone out.

10. Bringing You Dead Things

This one might be one of the strangest things that cats do and their human owners put up with. When your cats hunt something, it makes sure to first bring their dead prey over to you. This is not just your cat’s way of saying thank you, but they’re also making sure that you have enough food to eat – just in case. By bringing you dead rodents and birds, your cat thinks that it’s teaching you how to hunt so that you don’t end up starving. I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right?

9. Sleeping All Day

Some people like to keep cats as pets because these little animals sleep about 15 hours a day – giving you plenty of time to get all your work done before focusing all your attention on your animal friend. Most people don’t know this, but cats are nocturnal animals. Which means that they’re the most active at night. And for that, they need to sleep throughout the day. While some cats adjust their sleeping pattern according to their owner’s lifestyle, most kitties still love their 15 hour bedtime – with tons of naps mixed in, of course.

8. Purring

While purring is pretty common in cats of all kinds, you’ll be surprised to know the reason why cats make this strange sound. Most cats learn how to purr at the age of just two days old – and they continue doing it till the time they die. No one really knows why cats purr, except for the fact that when they’re happy or comforted, their brain triggers their larynx to vibrate at a frequency of 25 to 150 times a second – which is what makes the purring sound. Some people believe that purring vibrations also help heal any kinds of infections, swelling and even bone damage. Sometimes, cats also purr when they are scared and uncomfortable, which scientists believe is a way for them to comfort and heal themselves – makes sense, doesn’t it?

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