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How To Care for a Persian Cat?

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Hey everyone! Persian cats are a super popular breed so I made this video to talk about how to care for afa Persian cat?! The main thing to know is that they are a fancy long haired cat breed and this means they will need grooming care. The brushing and grooming can be done by you at home or a lot of people bring these cats into a groomer to get shaved (lion hair cut) or simply groomed to make sure they don’t get all matted up. Hair tangles and mats are painful to animals and it is important to make sure long hair cats are free of mats. Persian cats are a brachycephalic feline breed which means they have a short nose or the smooshed face which can cause their tear ducts to get blocked leading to eye staining. Their eye staining must be cleaned regularly to avoid excess staining and tear duct debris buildup. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video! ~Dr.Lindsay Butzer

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