How I Tamed a Feral Kitten – Step by Step!

What to do when you have an adorable kitten who’s completely terrified of you? Without human interaction in the first weeks and months of their lives, cats will become feral, meaning they won’t want to have much to do with you. Socializing a kitten is always easier when they are under two months old, but even older kittens can learn to trust people…it just might take a little longer. In this video, you will meet 3-month-old Lilith, who was brought to the shelter hissing and terrified. She bit one of the shelter staff and had to be put on “bite quarantine” for a week, then she was released to me for fostering.

Step by step, I will walk you through the methods I used to take Lilith from hissing to cuddling and kissing. From time spent acclimating to the house from her “social box”, to leash and harness training, and lots of love, patience, and treats in between, you will learn the simple ways to socialize a scared and frightened kitty in your own home.

I’m Caroline, and I have been fostering cats and kittens from my home in central Florida for 15 years. It’s my goal to help people who love cats have the information and encouragement to make the world better for all our felines – because they make our lives so happy! This is just one of several videos I have on socializing scared kittens, I have linked to others throughout this video. My Kitten School channel has over 100 videos on *everything* cats and kittens – from health issues to feeding, and even teaching a cat to walk on a leash – so please subscribe!

Enjoy the video and please leave a comment or question! I always love hearing from all my fellow cat lovers around the world.

Kitten School is a foster home for cats and kittens who need a safe place to stay while they grow, heal or learn to love. Saving cats is not always easy, but there’s plenty to learn with every foster who stays at Kitten School…be it a week-old orphan kitten or an elderly cat abandoned at the shelter. We also have a TON of fun! Watching a Kitten School video is guaranteed to make you smile and to feel a little better about the world. Subscribe now and join the Kitten School family…a place for cat lovers of all ages and nationalities!

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