Why cats do this – 20 strange cat behaviors explained

Why cats do this – 20 strange cat behaviors explained. We review the top 20 strange cat behaviors and explain why they do it!

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Sprint burst
01:15 Bears you gifts
01:47 Bottoms up
02:20 Squeezing into tight spaces
02:49 Sniffing your face
03:14 Begging at the table
03:45 Kitty litter issues
04:21 Spraying
04:55 Sneering
05:21 Rolling
05:40 Spying
06:02 Why is my cat ignoring me?
06:37 Knock it off
07:06 Interrupting your work
07:31 Drinking water from the tap
08:22 Lying on parts of your body
08:50 Eating bad stuff
09:15 Staring contest
09:56 Jumpy around cucumbers
10:39 Conclusion

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