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Newborn kittens found scattered on a property two days after they were born 🙀

Kitten season is here, and rescues all over the world need your help. Fostering is so much fun, you get to see the babies grow, you get to see them play for the first time, and then you get to see them go to loving forever homes. I am sure every rescue would LOVE to have YOU as a volunteer ❤️

If you can’t foster at the moment, please join us as a monthly donor here: – this will help us continue our work month after month 🥰

If you can’t donate, we would love it if you could add Hope For Paws to your Amazon Smile by clicking here:

One more important item on today’s TO DO LIST is to make a plan for your pet should anything unexpected happens. #HopeForPaws teamed up with #FreeWill to enable EVERYBODY to write their own WILL for FREE here:

I know it’s a scary thing to think about, but dealing with it for 15 minutes now means that you won’t leave the future of your pets to chance. I’m sure you would want to KNOW that your pets will be SAFE if you could no longer care for them.

Last and definitely not least – if you would like to adopt Tasha or Dasha, Danny, Daria or Donatella, please contact our friends at CATS At The Studios:

Thank you so much!!!


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