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I Adopted a 3 Month Old Kitten & I Gave Her a First Bath!! 🐱💕🧼


⚠️ I appreciate your concerns but please don’t be rude as there is no need for aggression.

I understand there are mixed opinions on showering a cat. I had to shower her because I don’t know where she originally came from and her surrounding environment before I adopted her. After taking her to the vet, it was also recommended by the vet to shower her because of fungi. She’s currently happy and healthy, living completely a good life. This video was also more than 6 months ago. If you view my vlogs, I always insert clips of her to document little moments and watch her grow little by little. If you watch them, you can see how she is now and her current state. Thanks.

For some reason if you still don’t believe my cat is fine and is living a perfectly normal life, I suggest you visit my Instagram @sabcastic and look at my highlights. I currently have three IG highlights literally dedicated to my cat and sharing her growth journey. So please check it out before saying my cat will grow to hate me or etc, thank you!

Hello~ It’s Sabrina ( ✌︎’ω’)✌︎

Welcome to this week’s vlog!!🤩

Today I’ll be sharing with you a very exciting video!!

Yes!! I adopted a new cat! A 3 month old kitten to be exact!
In this video, I’ll be introducing Mika, my new kitten and sharing with you what I bought for her! I also gave her a bath for the first time. It was a bit of a struggle. Watch this video to find out what happened! ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

I hope you will still find this vlog fun and entertaining!! (๑・̑◡・̑๑)

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