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12 Things Cats HATE And Wish You’d Stop Doing

Meow if you do, and meow if you don’t! It’s hard to figure out what’s going on inside your feline friend’s mind – especially considering their vocabulary is limited to, well, one word. But who says all communication has to be verbal?
Body language, tail language, moans, and groans – experts have deduced various methods to communicate with cats in a bid to understand them better. And now you can too!
From perfumes and belly rubs, to loud noises and defiant behavior – let’s look at things your cat probably hates that you do and wishes you’d stop doing.

12. Dressing Them Up
Even the most well-meaning of pet parents can anger their pets from time to time. What you might consider is a fun activity for you and your cat, might actually be frustrating for them, amusing just to you. We’re talking about dressing them up in tight, restrictive, and costume-y outfits.
You’ve been eyeing matching outfits for you and your feline companion to wear on Halloween, but your pet has probably been dreading the day.
Not only is this annoying, but dressing pets up in tight, over the top outfits suffocates them, restricts their movement, and might even give them a few cuts and bruises. Trust us, your cat does not want to dress up all quirky and cute for your amusement.
However, if you’re dressing your pet up for winters, or draping a raincoat over them that’s another thing!

11. Constant Baths
You might think it’s absolutely necessary to shower at least once a day, twice if you’re really up for it, but your pet could do without the constant bathing. It comes as no secret that cats hate to be bathed, however, we’ve excused it as being something necessary for their well-being.
Not entirely. Because while maintaining their hygiene is crucial, cats do a fairly good job at it themselves. You might’ve noticed cats licking themselves all day long. This is their way of grooming themselves, and yes it’s effective!
This isn’t to say you shouldn’t bathe your cat, but that they could do without being dragged to the tub every so often. However, if your cat is obese, old, or has a medical condition that precludes them from grooming themselves as frequently as they should, then you can go ahead and bathe them yourself more often.

10. Punishments
It goes without saying: Your cat doesn’t want to be punished. We’ve come to a point where we feel like punishment is absolutely necessary to properly train our pets, but it’s actually the opposite!
You could sir your cat down for hours and explain why it’s wrong for them to cut up your throw pillows, or you could yell at them for doing it – neither of which would make a difference. Why? Because your pet doesn’t understand you.
You need to be able to show them which behaviours are considered good and which ones aren’t. For example, if you reward them for eating their food without causing a mess, they’ll actively try to eat less messily.
This is known as positive reinforcement. As opposed to negative contingencies, positive ones are actively sought out by pets which ultimately trains them into being more obedient pets.

9. Sudden Changes
Cats are creatures of habit; they don’t take too kindly to change. We’re not talking about living in one home forever just because it’d frustrate your cat, but you should avoid creating changes wherever they might be considered unnecessary.
For example, if your cat is used to having their food bowl in the left corner of the room, then moving it to the right corner would be unnecessary. And frankly, frustrating for your feline friend!
If they don’t actively try to move the bowl themselves, cats will groan and snicker at you everytime you put their food down in the ‘wrong’ corner of the room.

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