Purrsday Poetry: The Sabertooth – Written About Amera’s Cat Saber

In liquid dappled grace the creature glides
Through tangled jungles: gloomy, humid, green,
Impenetrable: nothing’s to be seen:
His camouflage mysteriously hides
His fluid form. He softly floats and slides
From shade to shade at home in this demesne.
The sabertooth, whose feral sense is keen,
Leaps at the reptile, with huge strength bestrides
His massive foe and snaps its armored neck
As though it were more tender than a twig,
More fragile than a chipmunk or a mouse,
Then he begins his lonely patient trek
And hauls his gory prey far off, so big,
Then picks it up and stalks into the house.

Author notes

The subject, of course, is her lovely house cat hunting a little lizard in Florida and carrying it into the house. I hope readers have a sense of humor.


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