Craft Beer Training 101 – Tips from HopCat’s Inappropriate Cat

Spoiler alert: Dogs are dumb and HopCat knows craft beer weirdly well.

Now catch up on the other Inappropriate Cat videos:

The Inappropriate Cat is back. This time around, he’s callously weighing in on the pros and cons of training.

Don’t care what he thinks? Too bad. The Inappropriate Cat says what he wants, when he wants, exactly how he wants to. (He’s a cat, remember?) In other words, vulgarities will ensue.

Enjoy, and be sure to share with your dog-loving mortal enemies. Because drama makes the world go round.

And if you’re still reading – which, why? – You should immediately step away from your device and stop into the nearest HopCat. Like, ASAP. We have locations in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lexington, Lincoln, Louisville, Madison, Minneapolis, Royal Oak and St. Louis.


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