Woman Travels The World & Saves Thousands Of Dollars By Cat Sitting

Whether you call on family and friends or look to hire a professional, finding a trustworthy and reliable cat sitter is a must for any pet parent.

But one savvy Australian has also turned cat sitting into a way to jet-set around the world. She simply offers her services in return for free accommodation.

Madolline Gourley estimates that she’s saved thousands of dollars in lodging expenses just by cat sitting on her journeys.

Cat Sitting & Seeing The World

According to the Brisbane-based Gourley’s calculations, she’s saved the equivalent of $28,000 over the last four years. She just trades 30-minute cat sitting sessions for a free overnight room.

She calculated the amount she saved by looking at and comparing nearby AirBnb prices. Of course, the free lodging doesn’t include her food, travel and other expenses. However, it does significantly reduce the cost of her world travels.

The novel way of funding the 32-year-old’s travels has allowed Gourley to visit almost 50 different homes around the United States and her native Australia.

Gourley told CNBC that she was originally inspired by some of her friends who used housesitting as a way to journey around the world. As a long-time cat parent, Gourley figured she could flip the idea to appeal to fellow feline fanatics.

Gourley has also been documenting her adventures in cat sitting through her own One Cat At A Time blog, which is naturally packed with pictures of the kitties she’s met along her travels.

What To Look Out For In A Cat Sitter

(Picture Credit: Azovsky/Getty Images)

If Gourley’s cat sitting hustle has reminded you of the importance of securing your own reliable cat sitter, here are some key things to keep in mind while considering candidates:

  • Figure out whether your cat would be better with someone who pops in only to feed them or would feel more comfortable with someone actually staying in the home.
  • Make sure to check out online reviews of any pet sitters you are considering.
  • Ask for referrals from local vets and shelters.
  • Leave detailed and clear instructions. It’s especially necessary if your cat has any needs beyond just topping up their food and water bowls.

Have you ever tried cat sitting as a way to travel while saving some money? Have you stayed anywhere fancy while watching someone’s pets? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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