How to Cut a Cat’s Nails? 🐱 STEP-BY-STEP Guide

Do you cat’s claws cause a nuisance to both your cat and your home? Most cats will not need to have their claws trimmed as they will wear them down through their daily lives with territory marking and using scratching posts. However, some cat’s don’t file them enough naturally. In these instances, you might find the cat is overly destructive and even causes you some injury while playing. This is why AnimalWised not only show you how to cut a cat’s claws, but we’ll shoe you when you should do it and what you need to prepare. We’ll also give you some tips on how to cut a cat’s nails step-by-step without causing pain. This means keeping the feline calm and comfortable as you trim their claws. Keep watching to find out how it is done and check out the original article for more info:

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