National Selfie Day: 5 Sassy, Classy Cat Selfies On Instagram To Celebrate! [PICTURES]

(Picture Credit: Andres Ruffo/Getty Images)

One of the biggest buzz words from this last decade is the word “selfie,” and now it has a whole day for us to celebrate. June 21st is National Selfie Day!

In November 2013 the word “selfie” was announced by the Oxford English Dictionary as being the Word Of The Year. I hope that it pops up in bar trivia for you, so you can score one for the team!

Selfie may also be one of the most overused words, as well. But thanks to this word, we now have hashtags like #CatSelfie to compile amazing pictures of cats for National Selfie Day!

cat selfie

(Picture Credit: Linda Raymond/Getty Images)

If you took a picture of yourself, that’s called a selfie. Selfie hashtags are used loosely, but that’s okay; there are worse things in the world going on. It’s definitely still a buzzword, so people will want to squeeze it in here and there.

I think we all know that these cats did not actually take their own pictures — probably. So I’m using it pretty loosely myself.

What do you think of selfies? Love them? Hate them? Are they better with cats? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and please share pictures of your kitty selfies!

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