15 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained

15 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained

It’s a well-known fact that cats aren’t for everyone. They’re moody, hard to please and they like living on their own schedules. But at the same time, you will never find a pet as loving as a cat. Cats are easy to train, low-maintenance and some of the most affectionate companions as far as animals go. But, as adorable as these furry little creatures are, cat-owners often find their kitties doing some… pretty questionable things. Which really makes us all wonder: What goes on inside a cat’s brain? From purring to face rubbing and sleeping all day long, in this video, we’re taking you through 15 of the strangest cat behaviours to help you understand what they really mean.

INTRO 0:00
Licking Themselves 0:43
Cat Chatters 1:19
Face Rubbing 1:54
Head-Butting 2:25
Chilling in Small Spaces 2:55
Bringing You Dead Things 3:24
Sleeping All Day 3:57
Purring 4:35
Mouth Wide Open 5:27
Urine Spraying 6:02
Hating Baths 6:48
Making Biscuits 7:19
Sudden Sprint 7:56
Biting 8:27
Landing on Their Feet 9:09

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