Stuff We Love Spring/Summer 2022

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter!

Stuff We Love 2022 - Party Animal Pet

1 Be ready for any special occasion with an adorable Cat Bow Tie from Party Animal Pets! Available in a variety of fun colours and patterns, these delightful, handmade bow ties feature an adjustable Velcro closure!—Peter ($24,

Kitty Cure - Spring/Summer 2022

2 Genius! File your cat’s nails while they scratch. Made from durable, washable, waterproof paper, Kitty Cure works like a nail file—simply measure, peel, and stick onto the inner litter box walls, furniture or anywhere your cat likes to scratch. —Constance ($10,

Stuff We Love 2022 - Chicken Soup For The Soul

3 If your cat is allergic to poultry-based foods, it can be hard to find an alternative! The grain-free Salmon and Legumes recipe from Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Foods has salmon as the first ingredient and is formulated for all life stages.—Yaunna (from $16,

Stuff We Love Spring/Summer 2022 - Nationwide Photo diignat/

4 Vet bills can be costly and stressful, especially if you’re on a budget! Pet insurance plans from Nationwide allow you to see any vet at any time, and get your money back on eligible vet bills!—Simran (plans start at $35 a month,

5 Ah, the return of warm weather… and shedding. If your cat’s coat is shedding and cat hair is everywhere, you need Fur-Zoff! This durable, eco-friendly pet hair remover easily gets cat hair off of clothes, furniture, carpets, and more.—Connie ($13,

6 Litter box hygiene is a big concern in multi-cat households. The Multi-Cat Plus Litter from Sustainably Yours is made with a unique corn-cassava blend for excellent clumping and odour control. Plus, it’s fragrance free, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced!—Cecilia (from $20,

7 Want to provide safe outdoor access for your cat? Easy Pet Fence has a solution! Their Cat Fence Conversion kit is easily added onto your existing fence, keeping your cat safely in your yard and giving them freedom to explore!—Linda (from $350,

8 The best three dollars you’ll ever spend! Cats absolutely love crinkling sounds and the Jumbo Crinkle Ball delivers! Durable, soft, and lightweight, this toy is beloved by cats and is perfect for encouraging play.—Jennifer ($3,

Next Gen Pet

9 Stinky litter box woes? Next Gen Pet’s Cypress Fresh Litter is made with Hinoki cypress wood and green tea leaves for ultimate odour control. Plus, the small pellets reduce litter tracking!—Rosie (from $21,

Pet With Paws

10 Fashion, but make it sustainable. The printed fabric of the airline-approved Madison cat carrier is made from recycled plastic bottles, features a breathable mesh back, and can be used with the Pet-Trek wheels for easy transport!—Anna ($189,

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