LIVE: Feral cat just gave birth to kittens!

JUL 24, 2022: Feral rescue kitty Candy gave birth for the last time, to five beautiful tiny panthers. She had a very difficult delivery (dystocia) which resulted in kittens spending longer in the birth canal and experiencing hypoxia (inadequate oxygen). We were able to revive them and restore normal reflexes over the course of many hours, however the effects of hypoxia sometimes take up to a week to present themselves, and can be fatal. We are monitoring and providing all possible care. The full birth video is posted on our channel.

On top of the hypoxia, Candy’s milk supply is low and we are doing everything possible to help her increase her supply. Birth weights of the kittens were excellent, but the first few days have been difficult for them. If this had happened in the ravine where Candy lived in the wild, there is no question all five kittens would have died. Just one more example of how spaying and neutering can spare so much suffering!

Weight chart:
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Yellow panther boy – Aero
Green panther boy – Pez
Orange panther boy – Twix
Pink panther girl – Taffy
Turquoise panther girl – Tootsie

We broadcast the stories of our rescued cats, live and uncensored, to raise awareness about the realities of cat overpopulation in a way that inspires compassion.

Candy’s story is all too familiar. She was feral and pregnant when she was trapped from a ravine. She’s one of the luck ones, because she will have all the medical care, comfort and love she needs. She won’t have to go hunt for food or protect her babies from predators. She and her kittens will all be spayed and neutered.

If we hadn’t been able to trap her, she would have gotten pregnant over and over again until her body gave out. She would have watched 75% of her babies die from disease, predators, injury or starvation.

Fortunately, it’s easy to help cats like Candy, and prevent all of that suffering! Become advocates for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), spaying and neutering… and COMPASSION.

Each cat has a story to tell, each life matters, and the more we tell their stories, the more compassion we will generate.

We hope you enjoy watching Candy give birth for the last time ever, followed by many weeks of adorable shenanigans as she raises her final litter of kittens. It’s fun, educational, therapeutic, and we have an awesome global community chatting 24/7.

If you would like to donate toward Candy and her kittens’ care, you may do so with our extreme gratitude at 💕

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JUL 23 2022: Feral catermelon Candy is going to give birth any time now, assisted by her doula / alleged babydaddy, Cookie. Cookie has already been neutered, and mama and kittens will all be spayed/neutered. We show the “miracle of birth” live to help people understand why it’s so important to spay and neuter.

JUNE 18, 2022: Possible baby-daddy Cookie has joined Candy, Cupcake and the eight ravine + greenhouse kittens!

JUNE 8, 2022: Same ravine + greenhouse kittens, new room! We switched rooms because these guys needed more space, and because we humans needed more space to do all the feedings and deal with the extreme perpetual messiness. It’s intense. But also intensely adorable!

JUNE 3, 2022: Five orphaned kittens have joined us in this room, and Auntie Suzanne has taken the whole Ravine family home for the weekend for some intensive snuggle time! The Ravine kittens + Cupcake + mama will join the new kittens when they return on Monday. Expect massive kitteny chaos.

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More about our rescue work:
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