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How to take Care of new Kittens at home 🐱/New kittens ki dekhbhal kaise kare/ In hindi/ Doctor Pets

Hi pet lover,
Namaskar, In this video I discussed details about Kitten management. After watching this video you will be aware about following things..
– What preparation should be done at home before purchase or adopting a kitten.
– what precautionary measures should be followed during purchasing or adopting a kittens with breeder or seller.
– kitten after taking home what should be care for that..

Disclaimer : The channel does not promotes or encourage any illegal activities and all content provided by this channel is meant for educational purpose only.

– Background music in this video taken from you tube music library..

– Thanks to my regular Pet owner clients of my clinic by which I getting this pets photo and video which I using in this video..

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– Viral diseases in dog.//कुत्तो मे विषाणु जनित रोग (Hindi)

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– Parvo infection in Dogs / पारवो वायरस

– Rabies in Dog and catscats //रेबीज

Thank you
Doctor Pets
Dr. Subash Chandra Maurya ( M.V.Sc. Medicine).
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