Month: September 2022

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Wish you had a secret decoder that explained strange cat behavior? We’re breaking down a feline’s most confounding actions. From kneading on soft blankets to knocking things off tables to scratching our brand-new furniture, they tend to induce an equal amount of “awws!” and “oh no’s!” This cat behavior guide breaks down all the above
(Photo Credit: Toshiro Shimada via Getty) Cats are incredibly expressive, using everything from a purr to the crook of a tail to convey desires and emotions. Many are even quite chatty. Even the most intuitive pet parents might find it hard to comprehend what their feline friend is trying to convey. A new app, MeowTalk, might
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Watch and laugh😺Compilation of funny CAT that will make your day! Cats’re undoubtedly smart, they just don’t want to show. But don’t worry, we/ve collected the moments when cats accidentally showed that side. Let’s go! Enjoy! ————————————————————————— A little kitten comes and brightens the lives of the grandparents – Life With Cat Is Beautiful! —————————————————————————
This article first appeared on iCatCare here. Just as cats are individuals with their own quirks and preferences, so are people! A recent study by animal welfare researcher and iCatCare Feline Wellbeing Panel member, Dr Lauren Finka and her colleagues, discovered that the variation people show in the way they interact with cats can be
Calling all pet parents! Share your video moments with me…and maybe the world! Upload your clips here ▶︎ 😺 My Favorite Cat Products (naturally!) 😺 ▶︎ Jackson Galaxy is the host and executive producer of Animal Planet’s long running hit show “My Cat From Hell.” Jackson, an animal advocate and cat behavior and
10 Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained to Understand Your Cat Better | Top Odd Cat Behaviors (2022) Welcome To My Channel ‘Animal Booth’ Subscribe Here: Cats are mystical creatures. But sometimes they’re just simply weird and funny. 😹Is your cat’s behavior confusing and frustrating you, leading you to believe you’re the only one with such a