Why Cats Hate Water (and 9 Other Strange Cat Behaviors Explained)

Why Cats Hate Water (and 9 Other Strange Cat Behaviors Explained)

Cats might be one of the cutest creatures on Earth, but we can’t deny the fact that they’re also quite weird. They tend to do things that seem to have come out of nowhere but when you ask other cat owners, they say that their cats do the same thing! With that, it becomes obvious that while all cats are unique, there are some strange behaviors that they all tend to take part in, and in this video, we’re going to be explaining 10 of them!

INTRO 0:00
Hatred for Water 0:25
Extreme Zoomies 1:33
Chattering 2:29
Bringing over dead things 3:32
Kneading 4:34
Squeezing into things 5:12
Knocking things off 5:49
Slapping things 6:29
Presenting the booty 7:16
Digging outside of the sandbox 7:46

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