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Found poor Kittens In The Box (Alone and Hungry) | Adopted and nursed by Foster Cat Whity

In this video you will see two girls who got two little kittens. These girls were going to walk when they saw a box lying on the way. When they went near to it, there were two innocent kittens in it.
They asked a lot of people there if anyone knew who had left the box. They asked children and also asked the adults but could not find out in any way who had left it. For two days, they were contacting us by mail and call asking us to make a video of them in some way or get them adopted or make a video of them so that those who can adopt can adopt them. These girls also do street feeding. However, they have given us kittens or injured cats many times before. However, there is no video of them on YouTube. Yes, there are some videos of them on Instagram.
When we went to their area to do street feeding, we received kittens from them. During the street feeding, the kittens probably got hungry and started crying. Then on the way we fed them milk. You can see in the video.
In this video you will also see Jasmine’s reaction when we brought the kittens home and in this video you will also see Whity cat who was feeding her kittens. We were trying to somehow get Whity cat to adopt these two kittens because when kittens get mother’s milk, they are very well nurtured. So you will see in this video that we are trying to get kittens adopted. The cat is very angry. After that we have fed the jelly to the cat. Gradually the cat’s anger subsided and she adopted the kittens.
Now we are doing bottle feeding to her kittens as well as giving them mother’s milk. Hope they get a good upbringing. We request you guys that right now we have many kittens available for adoption and this time we also have puppies. So those who want to adopt please contact us by mail.

We do street feeding daily. We keep getting different cases. All cases we can not share with you on youtube. There are some cases like Simba’s case or coco’s case or Lusi’s case that we haven’t shared on youtube yet. If you want to see that too, you can check it out on Instagram.

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