8 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained | Decode Your Cat’s Behavior

Purring is something that pretty much every single cat does, but interestingly we know less about why cats make this noise compared with other noises they’re famous for (like hissing or chirping). The reality is that purring has many different meanings.

“Cats often purr when they’re feeling relaxed, but they may also purr to self-soothe if they are feeling stressed or are injured,” says JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM, a veterinarian based in Atlanta. “When kittens are born, mama cats purr, creating a vibration to guide kittens to mom’s nipple to nurse. Cats will also purr to socialize with other cats and communicate with their owners that they want something.”

Showing its belly
Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario: Your sweet Max stretches out and shows off his fuzzy belly, which makes you want to reach out and give him a little pat or affectionate scritch. Only this is met with a rescinded offer—perhaps even a batting of the paw or a light bite. Strange cat behavior, indeed!

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