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How To Pick Up Your Cat Properly

The Wrong Way To Hold Your Cat

No 1. Scruff Your Cat

If you grab adult cats by their necks, it could hurt them and cause muscle damage.

No 2. Hold Front Legs Or Under Arm

Don’t pick her up by her front legs because she can get injured. It can hurt her ankle or strain her joints. To hold under her arm with your two hands also hurts her shoulder or front leg joints.

No 3. Hold Your Cat On Back

If you hold her on her back, while you have not yet earned her absolute trust, she will be nervous. To build enough trust with her is key and try this handling later.

The Right Way To Pick Up Your Cat

No 1. Put One Hand Under Her Body Behind Her Front Legs

When you move your hand under her body behind her front legs, check if she stays calm. Over and over again, let her get used to your touch. She may quickly wiggle her tail and try to bite. It means dislike. Then put your hand away and try it later.

No 2. Support Her Butt

After she gets used to your hand under her chest, put another hand under her butt. This is to make her safe. First, you place your two hands under her arm for a moment. Then, move your one hand to support her butt. Don’t hurry and hold your kitty slowly and gently.

No 3. Make Her Feel Most Comfortable

The next step is to make her more relaxed. It can vary from cat to cat. Find the most comfortable hugging posture for your kitty. She may prefer you to hold her against your chest or face you. If your cat is too big and heavy, you can get her on your shoulder.

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