10 Unusual Cat Behaviors Explained Our feline friends are known for many things. Being cute and cuddly (sometimes), their long siestas, as well as their classic roles in pest control. However, most cat owners know that these animals also elegantly straddle the line between “mysterious” and “outright weird”. Get ready to have your mind blown
Feral cat behavior generally includes fleeing from or fighting humans, as feral cats are raised exclusively by other cats and usually have little to no socialization with people. Understand feral cat behavior as a means of survival with advice from a cat behavioral therapist in this free video on pet care. Expert: Carole Wilbourn Contact:
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Click here to read this article: The nastiness of spraying is far higher than normal cat urine and usually gets deposited everywhere including on your sofa, bed, floor, chair, and near doors and windows. This is the case even among trained cats because a cat does not restrict its spraying to its litter box.
I know you love your cat and think they are the most strange and interesting animals on earth. After all, who doesn’t? Cats do some of the weirdest things! I’m sure you’ve wondered why they do some of those strange behaviors, so here are 4 of the most common strange cat behaviors explained. #cat #catbehavior