(Photo Credit: Toshiro Shimada via Getty) Cats are incredibly expressive, using everything from a purr to the crook of a tail to convey desires and emotions. Many are even quite chatty. Even the most intuitive pet parents might find it hard to comprehend what their feline friend is trying to convey. A new app, MeowTalk, might
(Photo Credit: Stray Video Game) In BlueTwelve Studio’s third-person perspective game, Stray, players navigate a cyberpunk dystopia as an orange tabby on a mission to find his way home. Critics have commended the creators’ realistic, detail-oriented portrayal of cats’ behaviors, attitudes, and sounds. And many players’ real-life felines have also given it their seal of approval.
(Picture Credit: ajr_images/Getty Images) The Institute of Nature Conservation in Poland has classified domestic cats as an “invasive alien species,” evoking an emotional response from Polish pet parents. Felis catus – the common housecat’s scientific name – is now on a list of 1,787 animals the Institute considers foreign. The institution, a branch of the Polish Academy of
To illustrate the bond between Dylan and Martin, the Humane Society of Richland County mentioned how they both had operations to remove an eye just four days apart from each other. The procedures happened in June. Following the completed adoption, the Humane Society of Richland County posted the following update to Facebook: “Congratulations to Dylan and
@blasterbrawls i opened the door and saw this. #bengal#bear#bearfight#bearfunny#catvsbear #northvancouver #blasterbrawls #wildcat original sound – blasterbrawls Footage captured in North Vancouver shows a fearless Bengal cat named Tigger warding off a prowling black bear. The incident happened June 21 at around midday when the inquisitive black bear dared to enter Tigger’s property. The cat, who wasn’t
With temperatures hitting the ’90s, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office and Minnesota State Patrol noticed the trapped felines and put in a call to AHS for assistance. The owner of the car, which was at a rest stop, was also living inside the vehicle, having recently become homeless. The owner, who had previously surrendered 14
蚊が発生する季節になったけれど、イヌハッカという植物が蚊を近寄らせない効果があるらしい。ただ、マタタビ成分があるらしく、植えたらこんな事になる怖れがあります。 — ぱかぐち (@pakaguchi) May 23, 2022 A recent photograph, seen above, has been making its way around the social media circuit. It initially seems to show a large group of cats in a very concerning state. In short, it looks like the clowder of kitties has been hurt or poisoned en masse. Not