Did you know that purring serves no vital purpose for your cat other than they know we like it? It’s true. So, with a biological weapon like that over us, it should come as no surprise that many of us out there are completely obsessed with our feline friends. And if you count yourself as
Cat-tastic designs to thrill both you and your cat! Does your cat love to bird watch and lounge by your windows? The K&H EZ Mount Window Bed is a cinch to install thanks to powerful suction cups. It holds up to 60 pounds and features an open top for easy access! ($47, khpet.com) The Blooming
10 Unusual Cat Behaviors Explained Our feline friends are known for many things. Being cute and cuddly (sometimes), their long siestas, as well as their classic roles in pest control. However, most cat owners know that these animals also elegantly straddle the line between “mysterious” and “outright weird”. Get ready to have your mind blown
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