10 Strange Cat Behaviors EXPLAINED

Meanings Behind 10 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained.
Do you ever wondered why cats do the weird things? It’s hard to understand what’s going through a cat’s mind, but luckily, science can help us make sense of it. In this video, we will explore 10 strange cat behaviors and their meanings. We’ll look at what cats are trying to communicate when they do things like rub against your legs or stare out the window for hours on end. By better understanding these behaviors, we can gain a deeper appreciation for our feline friends.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Chattering
01:22 Biting
02:10 Staring
03:30 Grooming
04:08 Spraying
04:46 Hissing
05:25 Rubbing
06:07 purring
06:40 Excessive Sleeping
07:33 Outro

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