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Forget crazy, this gorgeous new book showcases cool cat ladies, deftly turning stereotypes on their head

BriAnne Wills and her inspiring “Girls and Their Cats” photo series is smashing the crazy cat lady stereotype one badass, cat-loving babe at a time. Featuring strong, independent, cool, stylish women of all varieties, her beautiful portraits capture what living with a cat really looks like.

Her gorgeous new book, Girls and Their Cats, is being released this fall by the Chronicle. It’s an extension of the Girls and Their Cats website and features unique portraits and personal essays from cat ladies from across the US, from New York, Philly, and DC, to Portland, LA, and San Francisco. BriAnne photographed 50 fascinating women, including Alyssa Mastromanaco, Christene Barberich, and Hannah Shaw, aka Kitten Lady. It also includes mini lists and an adoption resource guide.

“I was inspired by all the cool cat-owning women in my life,” BriAnne says, adding that she felt called to challenge the stereotypes surrounding cat people. “I knew that cat ladies got a bad rap. I wanted to show people that cat ladies are all as unique and wonderful as their furry friends.”

Her vibrant photos of eclectic, cat-loving women—“My goal was to feature a wide range of women to prove there’s not just one type of cat lady”—in their own beautiful, interesting spaces are entirely winning. They’ll make you want to adopt another cat, as well as crib some ideas for your own home and personal style.

“Ultimately, I just wanted to destigmatize cat ownership, specifically for women,” BriAnne says. “I hope cat-owning readers feel a sense of community and kinship. And if it inspires any cat-curious folks to adopt, then I’ve done my job.”

BriAnne’s #1 cat photography tip: “Have a noisy cat toy to shake near the lens. That’s how I get the cats to look my way.”

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