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The Cat Burrito: Ninja Towel Wrap to Restrain Your Difficult Cat – Cat Health Vet Advice

If you have a challenging cat to medicate or nail clip, learning the cat burrito towel wrap technique will be a life saver! Wrapping your cat in a towel (the right way!) will help to stop you getting scratched while you try and give them a pill or cut their nails, and if done properly won’t even stress them out.

You need a large beach towel, and I prefer older ones that are thin and easier to handle. Place your cat on top and gently pull one side over their body before passing the corner back under their chin. Pull the other side over your cat’s head and grab hold with your hand holding the first corner. Simple!
You now have complete control of your cats’s legs and head.
Leaving one leg out means you can clip their nails, one foot at a time.
Just be sure to take things slow, give your cat treats, and try and stop before they become too anxious. You don’t want them to start associating the towel with being restrained for something they hate.

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