How to teach a Kitten to WALK ON A LEASH! Here’s the EASY way to do it!

Who doesn’t love seeing a cat enjoying in the great outdoors while walking on a leash? Leash training can give indoor cats a whole new adventure while keeping them safely at your side. It’s Lolita is one of the smartest foster kittens I have had here at Kitten School in a long time, so I knew she would be perfect to teach to walk on a leash! Leash training enables indoor cats to enjoy the fun and excitement of being outdoors, while staying safely by your side.

Update 2019 – It’s best to start leash training a cat when he she is still a kitten, but even adult cats can learn if you are patient enough. A well-fitting harness is very important, and there’s of styles lots to choose from online. The one Lola is wearing in this video is a very simple design, but others are made for a more secure fit so the cat won’t slip out of it. This is very important if you are walking your cat in places where there are cars or other dangers. Here’s a few I have tried and like:

Eagloo Cat Harness – This sturdy harness is made from soft mesh fabric for a snug but comfortable fit, and I like the wide triangular chest panel with strong quick-snap buckles. This is east to adjust to get the perfect fit on your cat:

Kamots Beauty Escape Proof Harness for Cats – This harness is also made of sturdy fabric with easy to adjust straps, and it also has a light reflective strip for added visibility:

Pupteck Cat Harness – Similar to the style Lola is wearing in the video, this is a much simpler design harness. It is good for cats who are already expert leash walkers and for use when there is low risk of injury should the cat wiggle out of it. It won’t hold as securely if the cat panics, so use only when you are hanging out with your cat in a safe place:

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Please note, I will occasionally put affiliate links for products that I have used and trust to be of good quality. If you buy these products through one of my affiliate links, I will earn a small commission on the purchase. This support goes towards the ongoing care for the foster cats and kittens who are here at Kitten School and every bit helps. Thank you!

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