Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

What is your cat saying…? Owning a cat is a wonderful experience, but you may be wondering why your cat purrs, rubs its cheeks on everything, or kneads your furniture. Your cat’s unusual behaviors may be telling you something, and those behaviors might not be so unusual after all. Breaking down your cat’s behaviors is key to understanding your feline companion. If you’ve been looking for answers to your cat’s weird behaviors, we have the explanations you’ve been looking for. So come and join us as we take a look at these strange cat behaviors finally explained.

Cat’s Purr
Your cat talks clearly, you just don’t understand!

What The Tail Tells
Danger!! right before a cat strikes, the tail lashes like a fast whip, or if it’s low like a hunting lioness, it can mean aggression. And if a pipe cleaner resembles your cat’s tail…

Your cat is sitting like a human. This seemingly strange behavior could signify a few different things. Cats have been known to imitate certain behaviors of their human owners, sitting like a human is one of those imitative behaviors.

Eating Plastic
it’s a dangerous trait that could get them sent to the vet. Plastic is very bad for cats to eat and should be kept away from them.

Grass Eating
cat may be enjoying that blade of grass in the garden because of the extra protein found in the eggs!!! best if you have indoor grass just for your cats.

Just like us humans, this could also mean that your cat is anxious about something and has a bad habit of biting nails.

Eye Of The Tiger
Nicknamed “eye of the tiger”, the look is that of a cat sizing up the item. While sizing it up, the cat will determine if it’s worth it to pounce or if it’s too risky. Between cats. they use this look to determine dominance. The dominant cat will hold the gaze, while the less dominant cat looks away. So if you see your cat staring at your sandals intensely, you may want to move them before your cat decides to pounce.

Meow Level
If you hear your cat meowing loudly, you know it’s time to fill up the food dish. But what about a soft meow? Like a doorman greets you at the door, quiet meows are just their simple way of greeting us. It is their very own “hello”. Usually, they meow softly when they first see us. They then might follow up by rubbing up against your leg or jumping into your lap.

Ever notice that your cat does kneads while purring? That’s because cats knead when they are happy. Since they were kittens, they were taught to knead on their mothers’ bellies while nursing. Kittens and adult cats mimic this milk-treading to show their outright content and happy state.

Potty Outside The Litter Box
Your cat knows you don’t like it when you have to clean up their mess from the floor, so they purposefully relieve themselves on the floors or other inappropriate places to teach you a lesson. They could even do it if they are jealous of how you spend your time with someone else. Keep an eye also, your cat could be ill and it’s trying to call your attention.

Rubbing Cheeks On Everything
Basically, they’re just spreading their scent around in a behavior called “bunting”. If your cat head-buttts you though, it just wants some affection. A nice chin rub or head scratch is surely in order.

Cats Don’t Like Water
Our friendly felines groom themselves by licking their fur. Water and soap do not smell normal to them, and they can get agitated that they need to groom themselves again after being bathed to make themselves smell normal.

Exposing Their Bellies
Why expose its belly? Well, the good news is your cat likes you. Cats show you their bellies to show their trust in you. Their bellies are a soft, vulnerable spot on their body that would remain concealed if they thought you were a threat. So, you can take it as a compliment that Whiskers wants to show you her belly.

Cats really like milk
After 4 weeks, these enzymes decrease until there’s none left. So, your cat will probably get a nasty stomach ache if you do give in to its wishes for milk. Not to mention, there is no nutritional value in milk for cats.

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