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Bottle Baby Kitten Care // How to care for orphaned kittens 3-4 weeks old

Fostering bottle baby kittens saves the lives of the littlest felines, but it can definitely be hard. In today’s video, I show you how to care for bottle baby kittens, including showing you their setup and teaching you how to make sure they’re healthy and happy. I hope this video can teach you something about neonatal kittens, and have fun fostering!

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I am realizing while writing this that I do not have a recent bottle feeding tutorial like I thought I did, and because I thought I had a recent in-depth one, I did not go super in depth on how to bottle feed in this video. Oops! I will definitely try to make a super in-depth bottle feeding tutorial soon. Sorry!
If you are interested in watching one from me, you can watch this very old video, but keep in mind I use my deadname in that video (please do not call me that) and I use a different formula called Petlac that I do not recommend anymore. Here is the old video:

Supplies mentioned in this video:
– Ruff n Ruffus Mesh Pet Playpen (the less portable version)*:
– Ruff n Ruffus Mesh Pet Playpen (more portable version)*:
– Plastic Pet Playpen (not tespo brand because that is out of stock but this is actually a different brand that I have)*:
– Blankets*:
– Puppy Pads*:
– Electric Pet Heat Pad*:
– Kitchen Scale*:
– Kitten Litterbox (use these without lid)*:
– Non clumping Cat Litter (any works this is just the one I use)*:
– Fox Valley Kitten Formula (my favorite kitten formula)*:
– KMR Kitten Formula*:
– Breeders Edge Kitten Formula*:
– Bottles*:
– Blender Bottle*:
– Miracle Nipples:
I feel like I forgot to link something so if I did let me know and I’ll add it!

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