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A cat found a lonely baby in the forest. But what she did was unexpected

A cat found a lonely baby in the forest. But what she did was unexpected

… Welcome dear viewers. Generally, cats are feisty creatures and sometimes they scratch their owner or drop off unexpected things. They don’t listen nor follow orders like dogs would. Despite their nature, cats have overflowing feelings and act unusual.

Maybe, this is the reason why in today’s story the cat wouldn’t leave the little child alone in the forest. God’s creations are wonderfully diverse. He has planted affection and mercy in all living creatures. Stay tuned to know what happened in this effective story, and to be reminded that you should be kind and behave well with everyone and everything.

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There was a Russian woman called Nicola Erina who lived by the forest in a town in Russia, near Siberia. Although she was living near the forest, she lived in a block of flats. All of her neighbors knew her pet cat, Lucy. According to these people, Lucy appeared around the year 2012.

Since then, the cat had been part of the neighborhood. Because of the frozen weather and low temperature, all of the residents in the building cared for Lucy. They provided water and food for her, making sure she was warm and wouldn’t have to go far away to look for food.

The cat had been living this way for 3 years until the year 2015, when everyone noticed the change in her behaviour. Lucy was the type of cat that didn’t make too much noise and was barely noticed

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